Schultz Vending is the perfect solution to fit all your facility's vending needs without the hassle of dealing with multiple vendors.

Full-line Vending

  • Refreshing cold beverages and bottled water
  • Longtime favorite candy
  • Health-conscious snacks
  • Cold Milk and fruit juices
  • Supreme coffee and delicious hot beverages
  • Fresh sandwiches, fruit, and yogurt
  • Frozen ice cream sandwiches and microwavable entrees

"Fit Pick" Nutrition Program

We offer this nutrition program to give our customers a well-balanced variety of choices to satisfy any taste. The Fit Pick program utilizes colorful labels to identify products that meet specific nutrition standards. (American Heart Association recommendations for a healthy diet.) Fit Pick labels identify vended products that are low in fat, saturated fat, and sugar. Read more »

Office Coffee Service

We provide a premium coffee service offering the best in fresh gourmet coffee blends with many unique varieties to choose from. The coffee equipment we offer depends on each client's unique needs. In addition to supreme tasting coffee we also carry a variety of teas, hot drinks, and coffee supplies.

Water Service

Refreshing, quality water is vital in keeping satisfied and productive throughout the day. We provide prompt reliable water service to both commercial and residential locations. Our water cooler systems offer a variety of high quality water that is available in spring, drinking, distilled, and others. A variety of machines and sizes of water containers are available. We also offer single serve water packages to meet each client's needs. Private labeling is offered for these single service water packages if needed.